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Teaching with Technology

Welcome to my Teaching with Technology reflections. Teaching with Technology is a brand new course on WizIQ for Teachers or Life Long Learners. The course is free for anyone to join and the link is: https://www.wiziq.com/course/92339-teaching-with-technology

The opening class was held on Jan 06, 2015 – GMT 6PM – Dr Nellie Deutsch is the organizer of the course and our online fantastic mentor for those of us that have been following her online Teachings.

In this page I will recount my trials and tribulations as we embark on this wonderful tour of learning and using technology in the classroom. Some of us already are ‘hooked’ on using technology in class and yet others may  be unaware that perhaps they have used ‘technology’ to some degree over the years.  In the following paragraphs and entries by date I will also endeavour to explain my own understanding of the use of technology for Teaching English as a second language.

Jan 06, 2015 Class n. 1 – What is Teaching with Technology? In this first class Dr Nellie explained how we envisage the term ‘technology’ in the classroom by taking us through an informative slide presentation and pressing us to ‘think’ and share our thoughts in the chat box.  One of the important things to note that however we look at the use of technology what it is basically is the conveyance of information to our students, for use in their learning or engagement in apprehension.

The requirements of this course are to create a public course on wiziq and share our course with our peers inviting them to view our own ideas of how we will use technology to convey our lessons in the subject of Teaching with Technology. My idea will be to set up a course through which I can set up a facsimile of class lessons based on language learning using available technology to engage learners. A place where I can share my own presentations and request feedback from my peers, or create a live class for students wishing to participate in a live online class in English as a Language, be it a ‘business English’ lesson or even an exam preparation lesson. Whatever I’m sure it will be a wonderful and fulfilling experience.

The first assignment has been set up by Dr Nellie and her motto for this course is “Experience, Apply, Share“:

  1. What does teaching with technology mean to you?
  2. What do you expect students to learn from the course?
  3. What skills and knowledge do you want them to acquire by the end of the course?
  4. What teaching strategies (lecture, discussion, group work, case studies, etc.) will best help students achieve these goals?

I will answer these questions in a slide presentation which is on the way and will be added here soon.

So stay tuned to catch the next entry.

Jan 07, 2015: A tutorial on how to change or add a banner to a course on WizIQ – I made this tutorial on the suggestion of one of my colleagues so here it is and I hope you find it helpful.

Another tutorial I also recently made is on how to make a Plotagon for use in class:


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  2. Nives is an excellent writer and a wonderful teacher.


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