Nives' endeavours as an English Teacher

PLAY, LEARN & GROW – A Preschool Project

Play, learn and grow together was taken another step forward and structured for a preschool in my local area for a large selection of pupils (children) in fact for a total of 62 preschoolers from the age of 3 to 5 inclusive. The project began as an idea from the Teachers whom were aware of their own lack of proper English language knowledge including pronunciation not to mention inappropriate material available for teaching such young children.

Let me clarify the Teachers of the Preschool in question are excellent at their own job and it was through their knowledge of Teaching such young children that I was able to structure the course to the best within the set language limits. So with this in mind allow me to divulge the ensuing weeks of this very special project.

Course details

The aim of the course is to provide the children with a correct fluency of the pronunciation of the words in English, noting that at this very young age it is not necessary to teach specific grammar rules but to merely delve into the mechanics of as a great colleague and dear friend JASON R. LEVINE says “RELAX, REPEAT, REMEMBER” the 3 R’s to learning. Children however young or not do learn by repeating what they hear (sometimes even more than they should!) so on this premise the Preschool project took flight.

The outline based on learning COLOURS, SHAPES, & NUMBERS, a song or two, body parts, a few very simple phrases and then a final recital for the parents and teacher association. The course will take place over 8 weeks for a total of 3 hours in one day per week that is one hour per group per week, taking on 3 groups of approximately 21 pupils in each group, the Teachers of the school decided on the good assumption that a rotation would keep the children even more on their toes. Hence each section not class (because that is what they are considered by the Italian Education Ministry) would begin one week in the first hour and then the following week in the second hour and the one after in the third hour only to return to the first hour on the fourth week. It is important to also note the available attention span for preschoolers is way below what even I had imagined.

More to follow (stay tuned…)

Some photographs of the classes … lots and lots of colouring in much to the joy of the children.

11166104_986272314717929_1550624213_n 11104028_986272031384624_348742615_n 11117538_986272298051264_1059710305_n 11122078_986272114717949_1980769475_n 11149149_986272431384584_965902128_n

Some slide presentations I made to help the children memorize the material …


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