Nives' endeavours as an English Teacher

Moodle Moot


Introduction: What is a Moodle Moot ? A question I often asked myself when I had heard this for the first time last year while I was listening in to the ELT MOOC 2013. The verb ‘moot’ in the English dictionary means to literally ‘debate’ or ‘discuss’ – so I guess that that is a good example of what went on in this recent MOOT. The MMVC14 organized by Dr Nellie Deutsch and held LIVE Online via WIZIQ from August 1 to 3 with a long list of  presenters participating in 28 webinars back to back. Needless to say that the hardest task was for Dr Nellie who carried out the opening and closing ceremony BUT also sat in on all presenters doing the intro and also actively participating in the chat text. I can only imagine such an excruciating but immensly rewarding experience, which took unbelievable stamina together with a love for helping us (participants) become lifelong learners while we Teach at all levels.

In the next few paragraphs I am going to discuss and delve into 3 of the presentations with a personal view of how such an event can truly be in itself a grand learning experience broadening my own perspectives on Teaching. I hope you will find my review interesting enough to want to join in the next year’s event. For those that would like to enroll (free) go to this link: http://www.wiziq.com/course/74432-moodle-moot-for-2015-mmvc15



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