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The M4TEVO15 [Moodle for Teachers Electronic Village Online 2015] is now about to enter the 4th week and it has been an amazing experience as a Moderator so far. The Journey will end after 5 wonderful weeks of experiencing the Moodle platform with many other Teachers and Moodlers from around the Globe.

This is my first opportunity as a Moderator which really set me back a little at the beginning as the task seemed way to daunting for my previous unfinished business in the Moodle. That may sound strange, however it means (in a nutshell) that my previous attempts at Moodle practice had been unfinished. Hence the fear at being a Moderator, whose role is to help and assist other moodlers along the way. So far so good, I haven’t erased anyone by accident (yet) there’s always room for mistakes when one is learning. Because that is how you learn, my father always said that you can only understand the mountain if you climb it as watching it won’t help you learn the rigors of mountain climbing or anything that you want to do in life. Be ready to take the plunge in other words and sinking or floating are in themselves experiences that can only build on one’s ability to keep going after falling down.

Well now down to the business at hand, the tasks involved in the Moodle for Teachers have included video tutorials and slide presentations. Among the many things that go into making a short video tutorial are firstly gaining access to the right areas and following the ‘written’ instructions carefully, sometimes having to go over and re-read the basic steps. The first steps lead to the assignment of a Badge for the week, but the fun doesn’t stop there, as after the badge there is the onerous task of looking at the work of our peers, leaving a comment, then prodding on to find the appropriate tools within the moodle to practice being a Teacher with Editing Rights and then in the following week becoming Managers of the Moodle with (disastrously delicate) editing rights.

My video tutorials are as follows:

Week 2 Adding and Deleting Resources on the Moodle platform

Week 3 Adding an Activity and then deleting it on the Moodle platform

Week 4 Main tutorial for Introduction into Week 4 task which is adding Blocks on the Moodle, so it was my task to prepare a video tutorial for other Teachers to use as a springboard into preparing their own.

More to follow, so stay tuned same channel same station!

February 16, Monday, 2015

The EVO 2015 Sessions ended formally yesterday, but the M4T will continue on via WizIQ and the Moodle site will remain open til the end of February for the participants to finish off their tasks and work at their own pace. Link to course on WizIQ.   Link to Moodle site.  The closing session that took place online on Sunday February 15 via the Webheads virtual office is now on YouTube too.

The EVO 2015 represented a great learning experience for me and although sad to see it end, am somehow also glad it’s come to a fitting end. It was a challenge to keep up with the forums and the questions posed by the new to moodle participants as well as attempting to complete all the tasks and attain the rewards for completion of the weeks tasks. Namely getting a badge on completion, and then being able to move on to the next task at hand. Perhaps being a moderator as well as participant concurrently is not the ideal but that was my own goal and so far it has been successful. I’m about to complete the final project and then place the video here hopefully with a copy of the final completion Certificate.

The task for Week 5 was about Users on the Moodle and here is my presentation.

The closing session was also an opportunity for me to personally thank my colleagues in the M4TEVO15 session, this in a nutshell was my contribution on Sunday February 15:

“On behalf of the M4TEVO15 I want to thank all the very active participants who kept the ball rolling and helped each other out in the support forums and to my colleague moderators who paricipated actively in preparing some of the tutorials to be used in the week tasks.

The had a chance to play around with adding activities and resources taking on the role of Teachers in the TPA (teacher practice area) and then as Managers in the MPA (manager practice area) adding blocks and testing out the whole moodle layout. The final week was all about creating an actual course on moodle in the MCL (moodle course lessons) by working in teams – we have 4 Teams with 36 members in each trying to work on the course together. You can imagine how hard that can be with diverse time zones and divergent ideas on how or what course items to add in the resources, activities, blocks, etc. But it is proving to be an exciting experience for all.

All participants collected a badge for every successful weeks completion of tasks, which was in itself a great motivating factor.  The final reflection will lead to a course completion certificate.

A very very big thank you to Dr Nellie for keeping the whole system running smoothly and organizing the live sessions with explanatory slides and screen sharing on the week’s tasks ahead. Also for creating the teams and sending out enrolment keys to enter within the teams area for the MCL to create and set up the practice courses.

Another thank you to Tom our Moodle Sheriff for keeping the participants on their toes and deleting tasks on cut out dates and also for moving the proper questions into the correct forums. One thing I’d like to remind participants is to please DELETE your work once you have taken screen shots and/or created your artifact (video, slides ppt, etc).

I was especially glad to have had the experience as moderator which also helped me to develop further as a moodle manager of sorts which is my ultimate goal.”

Soon to be pasted here will be my own personal presentation of my experience in the M4TEVO15.




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