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IATEFL Conference Glasgow Day 2 plenary by SARAH MERCER

The IATEFL Conferences just keep getting better and better, year after year! The topics are always at the forefront of Continuing Professional Development especially for English language teachers in Europe. Today was especially informative as Sarah Mercer broached the topic of Teacher burnout, actively engaged her live audience with not 1 but 3 activities! The flurry of chatter as the literal audience in large number present got to exchange their ideas on the topic at hand. I do hope that these activities also provided for new faces to make acquaintance.

The basis of her talk is the role of psychology in teaching and learning foreign languages, stressing the importance of psychology as ‘communication is key’ fundamentally at the “heart” of the teaching interaction.

Below are some screen clips that I was fortunate to be able to get via the poor internet connection which was providing a challenge for me today! Soon to be added the video to her plenary talk for you all to enjoy in case you missed it live online today.

Remember to tune in here to watch the live online events or the recordings shared graciously via British Council in conjunction with the IATEFL organizers.

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2017-04-05 18 47 53

2017-04-05 18 54 43

About Sarah Mercer: Sarah Mercer is currently Professor of Foreign Language Teaching at the University of Graz, Austria, where she is Head of ELT Research and Methodology and Deputy Head of the Centre for Teaching and Learning in Arts and Humanities. Her research interests include all aspects of the psychology surrounding the foreign language learning and teaching experience, focusing in particular on issues of self and identity. She is the author, co-author and co-editor of several books in this area including, Towards an Understanding of Language Learner Self-Concept, Psychology for Language Learning, Multiple Perspectives on the Self in SLA, New Directions in Language Learning Psychology, Positive Psychology in SLA, Exploring Psychology for Language Teachers (Winner of the Ben Warren Prize), and Teacher Psychology in SLA. Her current research focuses on the professional wellbeing of language teachers in a diverse range of contexts.



IATEFL Glasgow 2017 Conference

Tune in for live coverage from Glasgow on Monday 3rd April


The once a year grand event for IATEFL is about to begin, it’s just days away and there already is a flurry of activity going on behind the scenes to get everything ready and rolling. In fact the first day on Monday officially opens the doors to the Online live team for their insights into the final preparations as the Conference gets underway. The online live team consists of Nik Peachy, Kirsteen Donaghy, Roohi Malik – looking forward to this wonderful trio with loads of expertise in professional development for teachers and teaching too!

I am so excited and proud to be a part of the Registered Bloggers for the online event, in fact last year being my first encounter did not come without some technical upheavals! Overall it was a great learning curve and marvelous experience, hence my total faith in giving it my best again this year.

The on the road roving reporter Rob Howard the mastermind behind EFL TALKS was kind enough last year to furnish some inside info and great pics! This year I have twisted his arm to help again, he has agreed YEAY!! Have also pinned Judy Wong on board with some insider pics! So stay tuned for some live insights and hopefully just as equally interesting posts covering the Online Live Coverage. There will be some videos and personal views to be shared with you, so if you haven’t signed up to follow my blog then do so now to be well informed of what’s going down at IATEFL Glasgow 2017 where the great minds gather to discuss pertinent topics related to Teaching and Teacher Professional Development.

Now if you’re wondering how to go about becoming a Registered Blogger then just click the blogger image above to go to the website page, follow the instructions and wait for a confirmation email. Good luck, but be quick time’s running short! See you online!

As Winter rolls in the Southern hemisphere, the Northern hemisphere bids a warm welcome to Spring. I will be watching and following the event live on the website, twitter and Facebook all from my comfy chair in Melbourne, Australia. Only drawback is that most of the afternoon sessions will be during the wee hours of the night! However I am only too keen to participate as much as I can without falling asleep on my keyboard or at least catch up the next morning while the conference sleeps off the days activities… or do they get any sleep? I wonder!

Hashtags & handles to quote are:  #iatefl2017 #IATEFL #blogger4iatefl  @IATEFLOnline

Facebook IATEFL Online

Signing off till the next update comes along! 

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IATEFL Birmingham

Tune in for live coverage

Only a day away and already the excitement is moving in the social networks and via the Registered Bloggers sites. Take a look around to see what they’re (we are) talking about, stay in touch via Twitter or go directly to the IATEFL Online coverage.

To be so close and yet not be able to go is really sad however I, like many of you out there, do intend to make the most of this wonderful experience online. Obviously being online is not as exciting as meeting colleagues face to face – some that we have only met online, some that we only know about via their amazing work, some that hold us in awe – we will be missing out on those off camera smiles and chit chats in the corners. Whisperings of the next talk, workshop or lunch or pre/after conference drinks, but all in all we onliners (not to confuse with oneliners) will be holding our own heads high as we follow the conference as much as is possible, given time zone and workload committments.

So let’s make a week of it and get the ball rolling as we sit back and wait for the Online Events to begin!



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Moodle Mooc 7

Here we go again another wonderful online learning experience to join with other colleagues in expanding and sharing our own knowledge or experiences in teaching and life long learning. The activities will be carried out within the Moodle4Teachers moodle site run by Dr Nellie Deutsch our great leader in this online learning experience.

I should stress here that sometimes when one hears the word ‘learning’ they may react with a facial expression that equals ‘I’ve done with my learning!‘ be that it may be true of some, I would like to point out that learning does occur at any age. There is no way that we are born knowing everything, or that simply attending more ‘schooling’ gives anyone the right to say “I have learnt all there is to learn” which unfortunately I have heard all too often within my experience in Teaching as a Teacher collaborator on Language projects. Sometimes Teachers give themselves far too much credit, we (yes me too) think that the title Teacher means that we know more than our students or whoever surrounds our daily lives. Often times when out and about friends will look to me and say things like “Well you’re the Teacher what do you think we should be doing?” – this is totally wrong and embarrassing! Being a Teacher does not make me an expert at anything and I mean anything, in fact the more I teach students at school the more I realize that even if I think to understand something more than they do there will be a moment in the class when someone will ask that question which incites a blank expression on my face. Sometimes it’s out of context, sometimes it’s something so banal that even I am confused and need to look it up – doing this in front of my students is great because it demonstrates how much I too am human and infallible. What a relief!

Anyway enough of dilly dallying and back to the topic at hand… The Moodle Mooc 7 is another great opportunity to join a wonderful line up of presenters, listen and interactively comment during the webinar then to carry on participating and commenting within the Moodle site following a step by step process. The moodle itself set up by Dr Nellie will take everyone through the motions of actively participating in the MM7 and also track progress leading to the goals of badges and final certificate when all steps have been completed.

My own presentation revolves around learning and teaching in fact this is the title  Teaching and Learning Along the Way”  Reflecting on Teaching and Understanding our own Learning curve.
In this presentation I will endeavour to explain my own learning curve and my experiences with Teaching F2F and Online, as a facilitator in a Mooc and collaborating online with other Teachers. The aims of preparing video tutorials for teaching and learning. Working together with other colleagues using Google Drive, Skype or other online apps to connect and share information. Understanding the benefits of creating a PLN and how to create one. Why sharing among colleagues is part of the learning process. The use of Social networks for communicating, keeping abreast of education challenges/changes. But more importantly why using a Blog/s to reflect as part of a growth in learning aids in the improvement of our own Teaching methods. Creating a Teaching method that encompasses the use of technology, and learning to use textbooks ‘outside the box’.

Perhaps I am being a little overly zealous in wanting to talk about all these things in such a short span of time, but I will try my hardest in completing a well documented presentation in slide form and will be sharing the link here (after the presentation) and during the presentation.

If you want to join in to listen to all the presentations then check the Moodle site, Moodle Twitter, MM7 Hashtag, or the countdown to my presentation.

Hope to see you all active in the Moodle course! Remember this is a great opportunity to improve your moodling skills too.

Please add a comment or question below, thanks and I will answer promptly.

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Fall Blog Festival 21 September, 2015

The Fall Blog Festival is underway well into it’s third hour and while I wait to listen in to the next presenter I thought I would begin my Blog entry to mark the occasion. Firstly getting into the event was in itself an exercise in patience and stamina, as the ‘link’ was not allowing anyone to stay inside the virtual classroom as it was a generic link to be used by one access only and not multiple access entries. Which is a shame because most likely many would not have had the patience to keep on trying or even communicating their difficulty and hence may have been put off by attending all-together. I fully missed the opening Ceremony and just made it in by a hair during the latter half of Vance Steven’s presention. The good thing is Dr Nellie Deutsch organizer extraordinaire of this online event is video taping every presenter and then uploading to YouTube as seperate entries. Now that is a feat in itself!

The present situation is that anyone using the link as direct access is not going to get in so the best solution is for that person to Register for the event in their own name and then ‘join’ the live session. The link/s to join are as follows:

WizIQ FBF Course link

Moodle FBF Course on Moodle Area

Youtube FBF intro

Smore banner of the event

I created a PLOTAGON for the Event too, here is the YouTube version:

or go to Plotagon link

So now I will listen in to all the presenters and then get back here to write my own reflection.

Check back in soon 🙂