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IATEFL Glasgow 2017 Conference


Tune in for live coverage from Glasgow on Monday 3rd April


The once a year grand event for IATEFL is about to begin, it’s just days away and there already is a flurry of activity going on behind the scenes to get everything ready and rolling. In fact the first day on Monday officially opens the doors to the Online live team for their insights into the final preparations as the Conference gets underway. The online live team consists of Nik Peachy, Kirsteen Donaghy, Roohi Malik – looking forward to this wonderful trio with loads of expertise in professional development for teachers and teaching too!

I am so excited and proud to be a part of the Registered Bloggers for the online event, in fact last year being my first encounter did not come without some technical upheavals! Overall it was a great learning curve and marvelous experience, hence my total faith in giving it my best again this year.

The on the road roving reporter Rob Howard the mastermind behind EFL TALKS was kind enough last year to furnish some inside info and great pics! This year I have twisted his arm to help again, he has agreed YEAY!! Have also pinned Judy Wong on board with some insider pics! So stay tuned for some live insights and hopefully just as equally interesting posts covering the Online Live Coverage. There will be some videos and personal views to be shared with you, so if you haven’t signed up to follow my blog then do so now to be well informed of what’s going down at IATEFL Glasgow 2017 where the great minds gather to discuss pertinent topics related to Teaching and Teacher Professional Development.

Now if you’re wondering how to go about becoming a Registered Blogger then just click the blogger image above to go to the website page, follow the instructions and wait for a confirmation email. Good luck, but be quick time’s running short! See you online!

As Winter rolls in the Southern hemisphere, the Northern hemisphere bids a warm welcome to Spring. I will be watching and following the event live on the website, twitter and Facebook all from my comfy chair in Melbourne, Australia. Only drawback is that most of the afternoon sessions will be during the wee hours of the night! However I am only too keen to participate as much as I can without falling asleep on my keyboard or at least catch up the next morning while the conference sleeps off the days activities… or do they get any sleep? I wonder!

Hashtags & handles to quote are:  #iatefl2017 #IATEFL #blogger4iatefl  @IATEFLOnline

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Signing off till the next update comes along! 


Author: Nives Torresi

Nives Torresi is a Teacher of English as a foreign language; English Drama; Business English and English Exam Preparation (Cambridge FCE). Nives also translates from Italian to English (with a specialization in Business Manuals, Historical archives and Medical papers), works as Interpreter and Mediator for Business negotiations. Currently also teaches online via interactive learning platform for Business English courses and Language tutoring. Participates actively in online Teacher Training or development courses such as M4T Moodle for Teachers, Teaching with Technology, Learn to Blend and Flip with Technology, Action Research Projects to improve Instruction and Learning. Moderator in the Moodle courses for M4T EVO 15; M4T EVO 16 - TEFL2YL EVO 16 Recent online live webinar Presentations include: - The "One Foolish Monkey" series on History of Blogging with co-Teacher Tom Hodgers - CO15 - Connecting Online live Conference - "Understanding Pair Teaching in Micro Teaching Online" with Tom Hodgers. - Webinars for IATEFL YLT SIG: 2015 - "Play, Learn and Grow Together" an After school English language learning project. 2016 - "Play, Learn and Grow Together" a Pre-school English language learning project. - MM7 Moodle Mooc 7 by Integrating Technology - M4T moodle for teachers - Live Webinar presentation "Teaching and Learning Along the Way" November 16, 2015 - EFL Talks - Answers webinar February 20, 2016 "Using a Board Game in the EFL classroom" - EFL Talks - TERMS "PODCASTS" - MM9 co-Presenter with Thomas Hodgers "Teaching Online with Moodle" - MM9 Panelist on Digital Badges Discussion - HeartELT project - contributing author letter "W" - EVO Moderator Training 2014; 2015; 2016 - TEFL2YL EVO 2017 Session moderator and presenter "Board Games in the EFL Classroom" CO 17 Connecting Online live Conference Presenter with Tom Hodgers "Teamwork Online" Other projects include Business English Conversation; Business English for Managers; Business English for Engineers; Courses in digital format wholly online.

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  1. Reading this blog is like watching an excellent documentary.
    Congratulations, Nives.

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