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Day 2 IATEFL Birmingham

IATEFL Online Banner 2016
Nearly missed everything of day 1 online – firstly due to my internet connection which slowed down to nearly zero! Telephone company supplied a meagre excuse, however the mild frustration that ensued as a matter of being ‘lost’ without a connection made me realize how much dependant I am particularly.

Some weeks ago a colleague mentioned that some of us Teachers seem not to be able to do anything in the classroom anymore if we don’t use technology of sorts. A giggle or two that day surely brought on the bad Karma to the internet stability which has never really been much but enough that sufficed.


Photo by Rob Howard 

However today glad to be back and just finishing up listening to the Interview line up today – again another amazing day! Bravo and compliments to the Online Presenters who are even able to create an interview on the go! Today’s guest list included the following:  Carol Read; Adrian Underhill; Sandy Millin; … to name a few. All the interviews are available on the Interview recordings page of the IATEFL Online British Council site.

The interview yesterday on Wednesday with Jim Scrivener was particularly interesting as he talks about how Teacher training should make a change by ‘simplifying’ methodology study. He mentions planting a “naive seed of thought” allowing the new Teachers to put into practice and then reflect on their experience.

On this topic of Reflection practices an interesting Forum was held today Thursday in Hall 7 at 10:20 am. Watch the recording at this link.

Julie Pratten held her presentation today on the HeartELT special project, below is a great photo by Roving Reporter Rob Howard, who incidentally will be presenting on Friday! Rob will be talking about his creation EFL Talks bringing together Teachers worldwide to talk on varied topics in the Education field.


Julie Pratten HEART ELT photo by Rob Howard

Two of my favourite online people, one is Dr Nellie Deutsch who has guided and trained me over the past 3 years to teach online and the other one is a great leader of Teachers Rob Howard – also my eyes at Birmingham supplying great photos.


Rob Howard and Dr Nellie Deutsch ‘selfie time’

More to follow … 



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IATEFL Birmingham 2016 updates

The ‘Eagle has Landed!” actually Rob Howard has arrived in Birmingham to what looks like typical English weather, however wishing him a fantastic visit and presentation!

I will be blogging about IATEFL with (hopefully some pics and details from Rob Howard). Following are the very first two photo’s direct from Rob’s phone at his arrival. 

Hopefully Rob will take some pics with our favourite online colleagues that I’m sure he’ll be catching up with during the day and maybe a dinner or two.

In the meantime today the pre-event day, the Online Presenters Rob, Nik and Kirsteen interviewed Herbert Puchta; David Nunan; Any Curtis; Marjories Rosenberg; Lisa Peter; Anna Searle; Julie Pratten – order here is last to first! Having missed some of the livestream interviews the recordings are now all available. The interesting thing is the noise in the background heard throughout the interviews is the ‘set up’ of the stalls happening.

Here is the link to the interview by Nik Peachey with Julie Pratten talking about the HEART ELT project and the first book about to be published (proud to have been contributor) end of month or therabouts. If you’re interested in finding out more about the Heart ELT project and upcoming events then visit their website.

A few screen pics from the interviews are here below:

Back tomorrow for more live events and updates!

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IATEFL Birmingham

Tune in for live coverage

Only a day away and already the excitement is moving in the social networks and via the Registered Bloggers sites. Take a look around to see what they’re (we are) talking about, stay in touch via Twitter or go directly to the IATEFL Online coverage.

To be so close and yet not be able to go is really sad however I, like many of you out there, do intend to make the most of this wonderful experience online. Obviously being online is not as exciting as meeting colleagues face to face – some that we have only met online, some that we only know about via their amazing work, some that hold us in awe – we will be missing out on those off camera smiles and chit chats in the corners. Whisperings of the next talk, workshop or lunch or pre/after conference drinks, but all in all we onliners (not to confuse with oneliners) will be holding our own heads high as we follow the conference as much as is possible, given time zone and workload committments.

So let’s make a week of it and get the ball rolling as we sit back and wait for the Online Events to begin!



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IATEFL Online 2016 Blogger


Very excited to be among the group of Registered Bloggers for Birmingham Online IATEFL 2016. What a grand opportunity to enjoy watching the conference online and be able to share what’s happening with my readers and colleagues.

Those of you interested in following the online events then visit the link for updates on the Live Schedule and check out the Online Presenters too!

IATEFL Birmingham 2016 is going to be a great occasion for educators worldwide to meet and discuss. The Online Live event will provide a great opportunity for those of who are not able to travel or participate at the conference in person in Birmingham.

The IATEFL Birmingham 2016 Online Live will provide viewing of the morning plenary and live coverage throughout the day with live interviews from the online live studio. The morning starts at BST 9am,  check the time in your time zone area.

Also if you miss out watching the online event, most videos will be available to watch later! Therefore there is no excuse not to join in and be part of the online live community for IATEFL Birmingham 2016.


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The TEFL2YL EVO 2016 was an eventful 5 weeks of Moderating and also Participating, my dual role ensured my overall dedication to the participants of the Moodle course in the support forums. Being able to see the picture from both perspectives is an integral part of understanding the flow of the course material and didactic aims. It has been an informative learning process which will undoubtedly assist in future moderating experiences, or even course structuring within the moodle platform.

The role as moderator involved answering calls for assistance in the set tasks via the Support forums set up for each path each week. Customarily the participants could only access the following week once the current week had come to pass. But nonetheless were able to constantly return to the previous weeks to verify their work tasks completion status. The importance of viewing the completion status was tied directly to attaining the Badge for the week, but sometimes became elusive to the all in the fret and flurry to get to the next task which almost always assured that some tasks were left half finished.

Following is an overview of the Syllabus for the five weeks :

TEFL2YL Syllabus.png

The completion of the whole 5 weeks course provided participants with a Certificate of Completion. Inasmuch as the certificate itself may not equate to credits for work or university it is a worthy testament of dedication to bettering one’s understanding of online learning and communication. Personally the satisfaction of knowing that a course has been completed in all its facets brings its own rewarding pleasure.

The Badges designed specifically for this course by Dr Nellie Deutsch were a tribute to the Young Learners whom are the focal point of the course – Teachers teaching English as a Foreign Language to Young Learners (TEFL2YL).

TEFL2YL all 5 badges

The participants were also required to create a final reflection in the form of a SlideSpeech or PresentMe presentation. All of the participants provided amazing presentations and insight into their own personal learning experience. Following are my own final week 5 presentations.

TEFL2YL Cert full

Every year the EVO sessions promise 5 weeks of movement and participation in so many varied events for Teachers worldwide. One of the added bonuses is making a host of new acquaintances some of which turn out to be long time friends. The other of course is catching up with friends from past sessions, albeit virtually online.

My time difference, being in Melbourne Australia, this year did mean there would have been a time lag in responding but the understanding and patience of the participants lent a hand in keeping my head together in the ministration of the moodle breadcrumbs.

The EVO wrap up session was also a great opportunity to discuss our own personal learning journey as a Moderator and listen to other Moderators talk about their sessions. All sessions are always successful not only because they are EVO sessions but mainly due to the dedication by all the organizers, mentors, moderators and participants forming an online lively bustling community for five weeks. The end marks the exhilaration from watching back on the work and tasks completed.

EVO 16 Certificate

Google+  EVO Wrap up event and my comments

EVO event