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M4TEVO15 Final Presentation

The M4TEVO15 was a massive learning experience which I have summarized into the following presentation – it has been waiting in the folder to see the light of day and somehow has been collecting dust as I soon forgot all about putting it on display.  Further down are also the Certificate of Completion and Certificate of Appreciation for Moderating. Thanks again to the organizers for a whirlwind online teaching and learning as teachers course. Looking forward to the next one in 2016.



Certificate for M4T_completion


Certificate for EVO15_moderator

The rest of my reflection can be found on my M4TEVO15 blog page. Feedback welcome. 



CO15 : Micro Teaching in Pairs

Well finally I’m getting some time to update the information on my intervention in the Online Conference CO15 – Connecting Online 2015 organized by Dr Nellie Deutsch and run by the WizIQ platform.

The intervention was in conjunction with my online pair Teacher Thomas Hodgers and our slide presentation now on slideshare is shared with my readers here too.

Our experience in Micro Teaching is the culmination of much hard work and many online hours in research and communication that participating in the CO15 became a natural extension. We (Tom and I) have also collated our work into a book chapter which is now under review and hopefully will be accepted for publishing. I will keep you my faithful readers updated on any movements in that direction.

Presently Tom and I are working on an Action Research project and also recently prepared a WebQuest as part and parcel of our continuing learning experience in the course Teaching with Technology organized by Dr Nellie Deutsch on WizIQ. You will be able to follow our work and other meanderings on Tom’s blog of which I too am a part of – albeit a little behind in my blog posts as you will no doubt have noticed even from my own word press blog (s) that have been left in the land of no-words …

Some might downplay my lack of time and blame it on ‘time management’ but I will have you know that I plan my moments (minutes and hours) to the very narrowest of possibilities – I am after all a creature of structure and rules as without I would be lost. (And not in space !) In my honest opinion without a time structure for my own work of giving language lessons from preschoolers, to high school, to tutoring, to online teaching and to management levels – all hell would break loose !!

Then how would we put this lack of updating the blog site (s) be seen by you – my reader? I dare ask if you would so kindly add your say below I would be ever grateful, thank you.


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SL MOOC 15 on WizIQ

The SLMOOC15 is on now in the WizIQ platform, so if you are into exercising your virtual self and expressing your language ideas in a virtual reality then this is the place to be, join many others learning about virtual world for language learning. As many courses on WizIQ this is a FREE to join and listen in/download/watch later or just add your say in the Course feed or Live Chat during the Webinars.

Here is a YouTube video to give you an idea of what’s in store.

If you’re interested in getting a Certificate for attending then you may also join the Moodle section of the course to follow the theoretical and practical uses of SL in Language learning or Teaching subjects across the spectrum.

See you there.

Ps: Right now we are listening to Kip Boahn giving us all a great conversational piece on Second Life and the use of characters (Avatars) to create a story…join now Kip Boahn is the creator of Virtlantis check out the website.

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Spring Blog Festival

 Spring Blog Festival on March 21 will be LIVE ONLINE at WizIQ

The second annual Spring Blog Festival is preparing to get underway, if you are an avid blogger or avid reader of blogs then why not join in to see Educators from around the globe have their say on Blogging for Education.

If you are interested in presenting or having your say then file your request by filling in the following Google form

The link to the Festival is available here and you can also watch this great video clip prepared by the organizer Dr Nellie Deutsch available on Youtube.

Remember it’s free, and when you participate at the live online webinar you can still have your say in the live chat. When you join the WizIQ webinar link you can begin by introducing yourself in the coursefeed page or drop in a comment.

See you there! 

Want more info? Check out Dr Nellie’s SMORE flyer Spring Blog Festival info

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Finding your way around the CO15

CO15  Connecting  ONLINE  Conference

I just came across Dr Nellie Deutsch’s new video on getting around the WizIQ platform for the Connecting Online Conference which is slowly approaching – February 6-7-8 for three days of fully packed presentations by Educators from around the world. This is happening ONLINE LIVE and there will be RECORDED sessions if you miss out on one or more, also if it does not coincide with a suitable time your time zone.

Here is the Video now on YouTube:


The video will show you how to understand the schedule of Presenters such as About the Presenters, Time and Date of the Presentation and how to understand the WizIQ course feed and course schedule for the CO15 Conference which is Free to join with access to all recordings and slide presentations.

This is the link to the course on WizIQ and if you haven’t joined yet, then do so NOW it only takes a few minutes to create a free account and watch the LIVE ONLINE CONFERENCE from the comfort of your chair/couch/whatever.

Course Link: CO15 Connecting Online Conference

About the Presenters link: CO15 Presenters

Calendar of Events

Clickable links on Google Drive Public document : CO15 Connecting Online Conference Schedule

More information about the Conference on Google Drive document with clickable links

Remember you can be an active participant by having your say in the Live Chat online during the whole presentation and you can also keep a copy of the chat to save links that may be shared et cetera. The sessions are recorded so you can see them whenever as there is no ‘closing’ date on the Conference course link. But you must enroll to ensure you will have access to the recordings and slide presentations that will be made available by the presenters which can be located in the Course Schedule of the Course itself. Enrollment is also free on WizIQ.

If you have any queries or questions please feel free to drop me a line below in the comments, I will only be too happy to oblige.

Thank you for reading my post.

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CO15 Connecting Online Conference

The Countdown has begun to the official opening of the CO15 Connecting Online Conference taking place from February 6 to 8 for non stop Presenters from all parts of the World live on one channel on WizIQ.



Link to Dr Nellie Deutsch blog page on WizIQ     CO15 Connecting Online Conference 2015

Link to Course Page and launch site on WizIQ

Just so as not to feign from our constant work in Micro Teaching, Tom Hodgers and I will be giving a presentation on Saturday February 7  which will look into the theory and practice of Micro Teaching for Online learning.

See you there, remember you can always register (it’s free) and then watch the recordings if you can’t make it to the live session, but the live sessions are so much fun creating access to connecting with other peers or colleagues in the Chat or having your say too!


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Moodle for Teachers

The M4TEVO15 is entering its 4th week and there is still so much to do and learn, if you want to know more about this wonderful online experience then join us and other Teachers on a learning spree for free! Here is the link to the course on the Moodle Platform run by IT4ALL or on WizIQ Moodle for Teachers

You can visit my tab and follow my work on the Moodle. There is also a Certificate of Completion.

Here are some of my badges:


Watch this wonderful YouTube video by Dr Nellie Deutsch

Come and join in the learning experience.


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